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Kickboxing is the ultimate full-body workout. You'll be reducing fat , burning calories , and

defining muscles you haven’t seen before. Kickboxing also provides powerful stress relief. You

can train your mind and body at the same time!

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the Art of Eight Limbs.

Using a combination of Punches and Elbow with Knees and Kicks,Muay Thai is a world

renowned combat sport.

It may be a deadly art, but we can teach it in a safe and fun environment. An excellent way to

keep your fitness levels high and sharpen self defense.

Kung Fu

We train in 2 different styles of Kung Fu

Wing Chun

A close quarters combat style, famously practiced by the legendary Bruce Lee

and his mentor Ip Man. Focusing on speed and precision, this technique is a powerful tool for

any martial artist.

Choy Lay Fut

Focused more on long range combat, CLF combines the striking techniques of

boxing and Muay Thai with weaponry to maximize range. Another essential for sharpening

those self-defense skills.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial arts system based on grappling, ground fighting and submission holds. Focused on creating control over one's opponent, establishing dominant positions and using a number of intricate techniques to force opponents into submissions via joint locks or


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Reviews from our Community


Started off with my daughter. They were so inspiring and supportive that I ended up in their Brazilian Jujitsu program and fell in love with the sport. Now my daughter and I are life long students together! BTW..We love them so much that we drive all the way from Boynton Beach to Plantation just to train with them. They are worth every mile!


I love this place. Great instructors, with years of knowledge and training! They are patient and will work with all levels to help you achieve your goals. Updated 4/15/2020: Even now, during quarantine, the instructors are working extra hard to keep our goals alive, by going live and recording their live sessions. They are truly committed in helping us stay fit and sane through this crisis. A true family!


I’m really impressed as to how the team at John Wai Martial Arts has stepped up to help train and motivate members during this pandemic. Our kids love the online kung fu classes while my wife and I take advantage of the morning burn and overdrive classes (with some striking classes periodically). I highly recommend that they sign up for John Wai Martial Arts online courses. Well worth the investment!


John Wai is my home away from home. Each staff member is personable, a master at their skill, and they truly care about each person as a whole. The extraordinary instructors somehow find a way to give you a full body workout, have you dripping in sweat, and be smiling the whole way through. Personally, I would be lost without John Wai Martial Arts!❤️


Myself and kids have been members of JWMA for 4 years now. . My wife and myself always say that bringing our kids here has been one of the best decisions we have made for our children.. We really don’t know what we could do without the availability of this virtual school version of JWMA.


Master John Wai is an excellent teacher. He keeps martial arts simple and easy to understand. On top of that the staff makes every class exciting! Weather I’m doing a virtual class or in person, I always feel the burn!

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